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Worldwide Refractories has been purchased by RESCO Products. For more information on the acquisition. Worldwide Refractories, Inc. manufactures refractory materials, specializing in basic products for the Steel and Cement industries. WRI manufactures both Dolomitic and Magnesite-Enriched Dolomitic Bricks, Rams, and Mixes at our Tarentum, Pennsylvania facility. Our finished products, coupled with re-sale refractories from over seas, cover a broad range of applications. These finished products are utilized in Ladles, A.O.D.'s and Electric Arc Furnaces for the Steel Industry, and the Burning Zones and the Transition Zones of the Cement Industry. WRI is committed to growing and expanding an already impressive refractory product line. We believe that the strength, reliability, and the quality of our product line is unmatched in the Dolomitic Refractory Industry. WRI is driven to continue to improve our organization in order to continue to be the leader in Dolomitic refractory production.

Worldwide Refractories Inc.

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